Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The worst of the storm appears to be over! Last night, the temperatures warmed up and the sleet turned to rain. Now we have flood warnings, but it's sure better than the ice. Because of all of the downed limbs, the city has agreed to chip up the branches if you just pull them to the curb. For many people, this will enable them to clean up their yards. Originally, they told people that it was their responsibility to take their trees and branches to the yard waste centers. You'd need a lot of man power for that, plus a truck......most people would just have to live with the mess in their yard.
Overall, it looks much better for most of the area. We still have 9,000 without power, but most will have it restored by Christmas, a few will have to wait until Friday. I have to applaud the electrical workers who have worked with below zero wind chills and freezing rain. Thanks for all of your hard work! I'll be back with more posts in a bit.......

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