Thursday, December 29, 2011

I've got a miscellaneous day today.  Some of these pictures have been in my camera for a few months and I just haven't spent much time blogging.  I'll try to be more on top of things.

First off, I spent my birthday gift certificate today.  Thanks, Kathy!  :)  I've been waiting for their year-end sale to get the most for my money (gift certificate).  I didn't go crazy, just picked up a few things.  I was almost out of white Fairy Frost, which is one of my staples, and I picked out another white on white fabric that doesn't have the shiny sheen.  A Christmas panel, a Christmas print, and a pattern round out my purchases.

This is Oliver, expecting to help me cut fabric today.  I had to disappoint him, as today was just a shopping and design day, not a sewing or cutting day.

Next up is my Christmas cactus.  I bought it last year in the reduced area at Lowe's.  I think it was $1.00, maybe less.  I was thrilled when it actually bloomed this year, although this was its one and only bloom.  I'm not sure if I did something wrong or if this is just because it was a small cactus.  Guess I'll see what happens next year.  The bloom was such a pretty shade of coral and I was looking forward to many more colorful flowers. 

These next two photos show the loot I picked up at a garage sale in October.  (Yes....I should have blogged about it then.)  The patterns were $1 each.  Great deals!

The fabric was sold at $.12 per inch, a great price in this world of expensive quilt fabric.  I got the charm packs for $3 each.  This garage sale is once a year and I always look forward to it, hoping to find some great treasures!

Finally, an applique kit that I bought awhile back, also on sale.  Do you see a pattern in my shopping habits??  I buy way too much fabric and too many sewing goodies, but at least I wait for sale prices.  (This is my way of justifying my bad habit.)  I love McKenna Ryan's patterns and kits.

That's it for today.  I've got a few more pictures hanging out in my camera and will post them soon.  Hope your sewing day is a good one!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I started playing around with my EQ5 this afternoon and this is my design for the Wonky House Block Swap.  It's easy to get carried away with the endless fun angles and designs that I could come up with but I had to tell myself that the design had to be sewable...and....I need to make 12 blocks.  Anything too terribly complicated might cause me trouble in getting things finished in time.  These aren't the colors that I'll be using, just some colors that I was playing with to get some contrast ideas. 

Oh, BTW, the swap is now closed.  I had posted that the fourth group was's now full.  I'm not sure if any further groups will be opening up.

Here are some of the fabrics that I've auditioned for the blocks.  So far, everything has come from my stash.  We were told to use bright fabrics with no Civil War fabrics or calicoes.  I may try to find a novelty fabric to fussy cut for the window and/or door.  I have some novelty fabrics in my stash that might be cute, but I think I'll look around a bit before doing any cutting and sewing.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm finally able to show one of the Christmas gifts that I made.  It was delivered yesterday and I think it was appreciated!

My friend, Kathy, has two sweet little schnauzers and this is a table runner with some character interpretations of her schnauzers.  (The schnauzer pattern came from Fat Cat Patterns.)  Kathy has one black schnauzer and one gray schnauzer.  Here's the whole table runner.  It ended up being about 16" x 46"....... pretty long. 

A close up of the two pups.......



A bone for a treat.......

This is my third attempt at stippling and I'm finally getting the hang of it.  My biggest problem has been with the tension and getting a decent stitch on the top as well as the bottom.  I just kept experimenting with sample sandwiches until I found success (somewhat).  Your upper tension needs to be VERY tight.  I had mine set almost as high as it would go, high enough that it was even a little tough to pull the thread out of the machine to clip threads when you finished an area.  Hope this helps you with your efforts.

And finally, here are a few gifts that I received for Christmas....... the sewing and quilt related gifts, that is.  The vintage lusterwear bear is going to become a pin cushion..... that's why he's shown with sewing items.
 I love them all!!!!!  (Thank you!)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Just joined a new Wonky House Block Swap at Jane's Fabric's and Quilts.  A new group of 12 folks is forming and there are still some openings.  Click on the house to find out the details.  The blocks aren't due until March, so there's plenty of time!

Please join in the fun!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'm not sure what year this picture was taken, but I do remember being terribly embarrassed because I did not believe in Santa Claus!  We went to visit Santa with our neighbor, Mom's best friend, and her two sons.  Mom said she thought both of the boys still believed in Santa so I had to play along.  Now, decades later, this picture brings sweet memories and I'm glad that Mom dragged me along for a photo op.  (Mrs. Claus took the Polaroid photo!)

But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; He is the Messiah, the Lord.
(Luke 2:10-11)

Merry Christmas to you and yours!  May you be blessed with sweet memories, past and present.