Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today is the big reveal! I haven't been able to show you the Christmas wall hangings that I've been working on since October so that I wouldn't spoil the surprise. Although I still have two Christmas exchanges in January, the people involved have either seen these already or don't have a computer. Either way, it's now safe for me to show these.

This is a shot of all 7 of the completed wall hangings. 6 are snowmen, 1 is of trees. The bottom snowman is smaller than the rest and is going to be mine! I ran out of background fabric and just decided to make a small one for myself.

Here's one of the snowman quilts. I decided to make the snowman in gradual stages. The first snowman only has eyes, the second snowman has eyes and a nose, etc. One of the reasons that I did this progressive snowman was for artistic expression. The other reason was laziness! Less embroidery work for me! Once I finished one of the quilts, I knew I could go back and embellish all of the snowmen if I didn't like the way it looked. Obviously, I liked them and left them as is.

Here's a closeup of a finished snowman, with all of his parts, including a scarf.

Here's the tree quilt. I only made one of these and really liked the way it turned out. It's a little more formal than the snowmen, but still displayable all through the winter. I didn't want to make any of the wall hangings so Christmas specific that you could only use them for a few weeks a year.

Here's the closeup of the tree quilt. I used all gold hearts except for the last tree segment that received a red heart.

This is Bev, receiving my wall hanging at one of the exchanges. I hope that she will get many years of enjoyment out of it and will think of me (fondly....I hope!) each time she displays it in her home.

Overall, I really enjoyed making these hangings. I did take on quite a huge project and should have started them much earlier than October. I've already started planning some gifts for next year in hopes of avoiding last minute panic attacks! I work well under a deadline, but enjoy the task much more if I'm not rushed. Live and learn!

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