Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Newest Goodie

First of all, I'm sorry for such a long absence.  I've had a bad month+ of illness and have done little in the creativity department.  I'm feeling a bit better and hope to actually sew something soon. 
I do have something to show you today.  Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, you can shop from your home and have things delivered to your door..... doesn't matter if you are sick or not!  (Did you know this?!) Admittedly, this can also be a very bad thing!
I've been looking for a Singer Featherweight for several years.  Many things have stopped me from getting one..... couldn't find the perfect machine for me..... too much money.... bad timing.... whatever.  I cruise EBay frequently, always looking for the machine that "has my name on it" and I finally found it! 
Here she is, my first Featherweight!  I lucked out finding her.  The person selling this must not have known what he could have charged for this particular machine.  It was a BIN (buy it now) auction and was only listed for a couple of minutes before I bought it.  I knew if I hesitated at all, it would be gone.  He had few pictures, a short description, and didn't even mention her best features.  I took a huge leap of faith ..........
She's a May 1938 model and has the wonderful scroll face plate that I wanted so badly.  Overall, her condition is very good.  All of these pictures are her "before" pictures, as I have done nothing to perk her up yet.  She needs a good cleaning, lube and oil job, and finally, a waxing to restore her full luster.  I've been watching YouTube videos that demonstrate just how to do this the proper way.


This is the main damage that I found.... just a little deterioration of the front decal where someone has rested their wrist over the years.  This is certainly expected on a machine that is 77 years old and this wear and tear is actually very minor for her age.

Here's her beautiful front scroll face plate... it's perfect!

This is her original case, which has several condition issues, but again, it's to be expected for a machine case this old.  It's all intact and in working order.  The handle is still very functional, even though the leather handle is splitting.  Both hinges work perfectly.  Although the case has dings and scratches, much of this will be hidden after a little cleaning and TLC.

This is the original tray inside the case and the goodies that were included.  Not much to speak of except that it has an original key.  There is also an additional foot.....hiding in the upper left corner.... the adjustable hemming foot. 

She may not be perfect, but she is all mine!  I'll post some "after" pictures when I get her all cleaned up and running smoothly.  Which, by the way, she does run but I think she may be a little sluggish.  After her cleaning, oiling, and lubing, I'm expecting her to purr.
And here's a Kirby update.  He's doing quite well.... he's enjoying a tasty snap pea in this shot.  He's in the middle of a major molt..... his crest feathers are all gone and those are new ones growing in that you see in the photo.  He'll be one handsome dude in a few months!  In my last post I told you that he could say "Hi Kirby" and that I'd be happy if that is all that he ever learned to say.  Well..... he's a regular chatterbox now.  He learns new words easily and can now say "Kirby is a good boy" ..... "I'm a big bird"...... "I love you" ...... "Kirby dance" (bobs his head when he says this)..... sings "Kirby, Kirby, Kirby.... Takes me a few days of saying a particular phrase to him and then he begins to imitate me.  He talks "people" about half of the time and "bird" the rest of the time.  His "people" speaking is much easier on my ears!

Thanks for stopping by today.  At least this post was sewing related, even if there wasn't a completed project to show......soon, I hope!