Monday, December 22, 2008

The ice saga continues! I'm still one of the lucky ones with only minor moments without power. They are reporting that 45,000 are still without power, and that they won't have power restored until midnight Friday. For tens of thousands of people, that will be almost 8 days without power. And this estimate only applies if the weather doesn't present further problems. Over 1500 workers have arrived from other states to help out, yet we still need more. We have shelters set up around the city and they are now letting people bring their pets with them. Many, and I'm sure I'd be one of them, refused to leave their pets at home.
I'm just praying that this will all end soon. It would be so nice if it were under control by Christmas so that people didn't have to spend Christmas in a shelter. I know it's not where you spend Christmas that counts, but it surely would be more pleasant to be safe and comfortable at home.
To all of you out there, I hope that this finds you safe, snug, and settled in for the holidays. I know that this ice emergency has made me even more grateful for a warm, cozy home!

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