Monday, August 17, 2015

Halloween Haunt 2015

I just signed up for another blog hop.... a Halloween Haunts 2015 Blog Hop.  This will be hosted by Marian of Seams To Be Sew and sign ups are open until the end of the August.  You can make any project you want and it won't be due until October... plenty of time.  Won't you join me??!!

I have another small project to show you today.  I've made a little Christmas stocking for Kirby.  He doesn't look like this, of course,  it's just a little caricature of him.  These are his colors though, even the grey "pearls" on his shoulders.

 Here's a close up of "Kirby."  I put him in an egg shape.... naturally .... to highlight the figure.

I used some purchased iron on letters for his name and I think I'm going to remove them and applique my own.  They are OK, but the gold letters are more translucent than I want.  We'll see... at least the stocking is done and if I want to tweak it.... I can always go back later.

And here's Kirby enjoying a little snack of air popped pop corn.  He loves it but only gets it once in awhile as it's pretty short on nutrition. 

Oh.....don't tell him about the stocking.... it's a surprise!  ;)

Happy Sewing!