Friday, December 5, 2008

I just finished the first of my Christmas exchange wall hangings! Gee, and I only have 6 to go! Anyway, I wanted to show you a simple way to hang small quilts and wall hangings that's quite easy and doesn't require a rod sleeve or curtain rings.

You will need to cut two squares, one for each upper corner. The size will depend on the size of your wall hanging. These were 3 1/2" squares.

Fold these squares diagonally, corner to corner, making a triangle, and press.
After your wall hanging is quilted, squared, and trimmed, baste these triangles to the top right and top left corners on the back side of your hanging. The raw edges are toward the outside edges of the quilt. Use a tiny seam allowance so that your basting stitches won't show after you have attached the binding.
This shows the upper left back corner, after the binding has been sewn in place. The folded squares, now triangles, are all sewn in and their raw edges are completely covered with the binding. A removable dowel rod, cut to length, has been inserted from corner to corner, ready for hanging. You can also use a cut-to-size yard stick for your hanger.

Here's the top, back side, with the dowel rod slipped under the triangles. I learned to do this from a vendor at a quilt show and I really like the way it works. The hanging triangles don't have to be used if you just want it to be a table runner. They don't add much bulk and aren't seen on the front side.
Now, back to the rest of the waiting wall hangings!

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