Monday, May 27, 2013

My humble, heartfelt gratitude to all
who serve and have served....

Monday, May 13, 2013

It's For The Birds Blog Hop

My day has arrived to show you my birdie project.  I really enjoyed visiting all of my fellow birdie bloggers last week and I know this week will be just as inspiring.  I hope you've been hopping along too!  The list of bloggers that are joining me today are listed at the end of this post.  Please fly on over to each of them!
I must always mind my manners and start my blog hop posts with HUGE thank you's to our hostess, Mary, and to Madame Samm, the overall chief cook and bottle washer of all of these hops.  They both have put in endless hours to keep this blog hop moving along without a hitch. Thank you, thank you!
As usual, I didn't know what I was going to make and had to sleep on it for a few days.  I'm one of those people that finds inspiration while dreaming.  Sometimes I don't remember the dream, but I remember the solutions to my issues.  It's not a fail proof system, but it often works.
I came up with a kind of fantasy forest with birds and trees in fun, happy colors.  I knew that I was going to use some sort of inspirational quote and found one that I really liked.  This wall hanging measures 21" x 26"..... a fairly good sized hanging. 
Here's the quote I chose.  I think you'll be able to read it quite clearly on your monitor. 

A close up of one of my that is holding up one end of the quote quilt.  I made their eyes and their tales out of beads.  The tails are strung on wire, shaped in the loops, then tacked in two spots.  I just wanted a little dimension to go along with the dimension of the quote quilt (say that quickly five times!).

 You know that I had to include a cat in my project somewhere.  I had some fabric that had cat faces in a diamondy shape that really looked like they were peering out of knot holes.  Even though the scale is goofy, I had to include them in my forest and hide them in the trees. 

I'm not sure who is the most concerned..... the cats watching the birds or the birds watching the cats!  In my fantasy forest, they all live in harmony!


I also wanted to show you another use for Wonder Clips.  I was wrestling with the quote quilt,  twisted ribbons, and the heart buttons......things were slipping and sliding and I couldn't get a handle on things until I used my Wonder Clips to hold everything together while I sewed all of the layers.  It worked seamlessly!

I hope you have enjoyed your stroll through my fantasy forest.  I've enjoyed your company and hope that you will come back soon!

 Now keep the momentum going and hop over to these other bloggers today.  Let them know how much you
appreciate their great projects!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's almost time for the "It's For The Birds Blog Hop!" 
It begins this Tuesday, May 7th and continues through
May week ends. 
Here's the full schedule of all of the participants.  It's a huge flock of bloggers, each making their own creations with a bird theme.  My day is May 13th and I hope you'll check out the project I made that came from my own little bird brain!
Tuesday, May 7

Wednesday, May 8

Thursday, May 9

Friday, May 10

Monday, May 13

Tuesday, May 14

Wednesday, May 15

Here's a little tease of my project.  The backside.  As of this posting, it isn't finished and I need to really focus to get it ready for it's debut on the 13th!
And on another note..... here's a tree that I have on my tiny patch of land in the back yard.  It's in its full glory right now and the scent, as you walk by, is intoxicating.  This tree was a gift from a friend and I planted it many years ago.  It continues to bring lots of pleasure each year.  Oh.... it's a Red Jade Weeping Crab Apple, for those who are interested.  
Close up of the flowers......mmmmmmmmm

Finally, here's my "all season" Christmas Cactus.  It's been blooming off and on for most of the year and has quite a batch of blooms on it today. 

Hope to see you back here on the 13th. Please visit the other blog links above to see some wonderful, creative, bird themed projects!  I guarantee these bloggers will inspire and amaze you!