Sunday, September 7, 2008

My friend Penny and I went to the local Southside Farmers Market yesterday. Here's a picture of my bounty! As summer comes to an end, so does the produce at these wonderful markets. I live on a fixed income and I'm not able to buy as much produce as I would like. It's just too expensive for my budget. This HUGE bowlful ( onions and green peppers are hidden on the bottom) and another large bag of okra was only $7.00! It's better quality and certainly fresher than the store produce, yet it's less than half the price. They had lots of fresh herbs that they had picked the very same day. You don't find that kind of freshness in the stores! It's not too late in many areas to visit your local markets. Ours will be open for a few more weeks, but the produce amounts are showing reductions every week. If you have markets in your area, please support them and reap the benefits too!

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