Saturday, September 20, 2008

(This is the "before" picture, which was added 12/26/2008)

Do you love a bargain? We all do, don't we? It makes our heart race and we just can't believe our luck. This past summer, a friend and I found this chair (and 6 more of the same) outside of one of our Meijer stores, sitting on the curb area. They were originally from the food court, but that has been gone for several years in our store, so I suspect these chairs made their way into a storage area or a break room. Anyway, we went inside to find out what the deal was and they sold them for $1.80 each! I took two of the chairs and he took the other five chairs. These are commercial strength chairs and they must weigh 25 pounds each. Heavy duty steel frames and fiberglass seats. Once you get yourself situated in them, you can't just scooch in or away from the table without standing up, picking them up, and moving them forward or backward. They were originally black and red (black frames with red seats), but I cleaned them up and spray painted them white and tan. I'll try and get a before picture, as my friend has left them in their original condition. The seats could be removed and made into upholstered cushions but that's a project for later down the road. I just wanted to get them into my kitchen and put to good use. They look just great in my kitchen and are probably the sturdiest items in the house! They will be here long after I'm gone......Even Oliver approves! (Truth be told......if he can get his picture taken, he'll approve of anything!) This does give you a little idea of the scale of this chair. As heavy as it is, it's on the small side, similar to an ice cream chair. Perfect for my small kitchen.

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