Thursday, September 4, 2008

I belong to a pincushion group that occasionally has swaps. It's optional and it can be lots of fun. You never know what you're going to get! This first picture shows the items that I received from my swap partner, Mariah. She made a cute cross stitch pincushion/sewing kit, a lavender sachet, and a tissue holder that also has a mirror. On the side of the tissue holder that you don't see, there are two credit card size pockets. It's really cute. I love having my tissues and mirror in the same place instead of trying to dig my mirror out of the bottom of my purse.

This is a picture of the cross stitched tin, when open. I believe it's an Altoids tin, or at least that's the size. She also made the stickpin (the largest green one) and enclosed the other pins and tiny scissors. There is a magnetic surface attached to the underside of the lid.

This is the pincushion set that I made for my part of the swap. The pincushion and needle book are made from 2" quilt blocks, all using Civil War reproduction fabrics. I used foundation paper to make the tiny blocks. Once you catch on to using foundation papers, it's pretty quick and easy. There is no way I would attempt to make blocks this small and intricate without using these papers. Once you are done, you peel the paper off the back. The pincushion is fairly large and should do it's duty well. The needle book has felt pages on the inside for her needles.
The stickpin was made with my own lampwork beads. In addition to sewing, I love to work at the torch and melt glass. These were some left over beads that didn't make their way into a piece of jewelry and they seemed to go well with the Civil War colors.

Sorry about the way these pictures are lining up. I've played around with editing them long enough!

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