Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here it is.......a completed sock! And you can actually tell that it's supposed to be a sock! This was a rough class but I would recommend that even beginning knitters give this a shot. I couldn't do it by following directions in a book, but having a teacher at my side, made it possible. We lost several students along the way, but it was just because they didn't break it up into smaller learning packages and they let it overwhelm them. Just look at my previous posts when I never thought I'd reach the end of this sock. Step by step, inch by inch, is the way to learn to knit socks. Of course, now I need to make this one a mate. I will need to start on it fairly soon before I forget how to do this. I did treat myself to some beautiful yarn today for my next pair, which I hope will give me the incentive to finish this one's mate. I truly am excited to have learned how to knit socks. There are many variations but I'll stick with this design, which is probably the simplest, and work my way up to other patterns. So.....the sock knitting saga ends and I'm really happy to complete what I thought was next to impossible!

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