Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not much to blog about seems to be getting in the way of crafting.

Thought I'd show you the chocolate fabrics that I've been collecting for a couple of years. Yesterday, I had lunch with some dear friends and we ended up at a quilt shop (naturally!) where I found two more fabrics to add. I bought the bottom two fabrics on the right. I thought the fabric with the writing on it would make a good sashing or maybe some cornerstones. I don't have a plan for these fabrics yet, no specific pattern in mind.....I just like them. Ebay has a bunch of chocolate fabrics right now that I don't have yet, but the money is sparse. Each of these fabrics below is a yard, so I already have enough for a good sized top or several smaller projects. Gotta quit collecting them at some point and make something out of them! (Not!)

I've been trying to get my yard mowed most of the afternoon and the rain slips in and out long enough that I can't get it done. After the rains, I'll need a machete to make the first cut! My neighbors took down their Christmas lights yesterday so I know that it's officially spring and time to get the yard cleaned up!

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  1. Both pretty fabrics. I like the 'wordy' one especially. Lunch with friends and a trip to the quilt shop sounds like an ideal afternoon.