Sunday, April 25, 2010

As part of a little blogging game sent to me by Kathleen, I was asked to re-post the 6th picture that I posted when I started my blog. I'm supposed to give you an update on the picture and what's happened since. (I wish it would have been another picture with better story and a happy ending!)

Well, this was part of a block of the month quilt and I have to admit that I've done NOTHING with it or it's fellow blocks! There were a few blocks that I didn't like that much and kind of put it in the company of my other unfinished projects. Seeing this picture again has sort of sparked an interest in retrieving it and see about setting the blocks in a table cover.

I would like to add that keeping a blog has been a great way to have accountability for my crafting. I feel like I should finish as many projects as possible in order to keep my readers interested. I've really enjoyed blogging and plan to continue, even if I don't finish a project. Gee, we can all relate to that problem!
Thanks, Kathleen, for sending me down memory lane and reminding me to finish what I start!

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