Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April BOM. I changed this one too and made the arrows double pointed. The instructions called for an additional plaid fabric at the end of the arrows which meant that your eye couldn't decide where to look. These fabrics are pretty soft so much of the contrast is lost but I still think it's a pretty block.
If you look closely, you'll see that my arrow corners are somewhat lost in the seam allowances. I'm not sure what happened except that the pattern called for 16th's in cutting, so you have to eyeball those measurements since they aren't on the rotary cutting rulers. (.....or maybe it was just poor construction......I'd rather blame it on the rulers!)

I'm still working on spring clean up in my little yard and just haven't had much time for sewing and crafting. Little by little, I've trimmed the bushes, chopped off the ornamental grasses, raked, weeded, edged, and of course, mowed (twice already). The weeds are a constant battle and I think I can sometimes hear them chuckling at me, knowing that no matter how much weeding I do, they will return in a day or two. Oh, how I miss the seclusion of winter and the refreshing chore of shoveling! .......sigh.........


  1. When I start getting depressed about the end of summer (and I'm already thinking about it!) I'll think of you and it will pick me up a bit to know that winter coming is going to make someone happy!

    You WILL win the weed battle!
    Really. Someday. For just a bit.

  2. I invited you to play a game . . . details on my blog.