Friday, April 30, 2010

Everyone seems to be posting their spring garden and flower pictures, so I'm adding some of mine too. This is the rhubarb that I planted last spring as tiny, little plants. They did really well last year and came up long before any other plants this spring. If I was away for most of the day, I could actually see their growth during those hours.....I kid you not!

Here's a longer shot of the rhubarb bed. All of the plants came back with gusto. I'm still going to resist harvesting many stalks from them so that their root core can continue to thrive without strain.

And lastly, here's my little tomato plant, already caged in anticipation of some HUGE growth. I only planted two of these Big Beef tomato plants, which should be tons for my personal use.

I bought last years' rhubarb starts and these tomato plants at one of the local Amish markets. I wish I had taken my camera with me to show you the array of flowers and plants, all bright, fresh, and healthy. I don't know where they get their plants, but they are always first rate and priced less than other places. The Amish community is very close to me so I'll have to remember to take my camera along for the ride too.

Happy Gardening!

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