Monday, January 11, 2010

Lots of baggies filled with pieces of cut fabric, destined to become 12" blocks! I worked on making the blocks that I'll be keeping, then I sorted the rest of the pieces into individual baggies to be sent to Kathleen, the hostess. I wanted to make sure that the blocks would turn out OK and that I had all of the pieces cut correctly.

Here's "Noon and Light." I will say that this block was a little bit tedious and I hope that it won't discourage any beginning quilters. Take your time and press as you go!

Here's "Album." This one was fast and simple and should be easy enough for any beginners.

I'll get these into the mail soon. I'm way ahead of schedule, so I may not get to the Post Office for a few days. Unless my swap partners get their pieces cut early, I won't expect to get their baggies of pieces until the middle of February. I'm in no hurry.......there are tons of other projects waiting to be started, finished, or in the middle of construction!


  1. Your blocks look great and I love your fabrics! Can't wait to see them in person.

  2. Another pretty one. I like the one above, but all those corners! :-) Patti