Saturday, January 9, 2010

I joined the Pink/Green/White No Sew Swap and cut out all of the pieces today and yesterday. Phew! There are 513 pieces in these stacks! I joined two P/G/W swaps so that I would end up with 18 blocks to sew and work with, instead of just 9 blocks. I thought this might give me some better design and usage possibilities. I'll make and post the two blocks that I'll be keeping, hopefully tomorrow. This will give my swap partners a block to refer to in addition to the actual block instructions. I'll sort all of these pieces into separate block baggies to be mailed to Kathleen for distribution. I'm ahead of schedule, so I don't need to knock myself out to get this swap out on time. A nice change of pace for me!

And this is a nice assortment of sewing and quilting goodies that I received for Christmas. Some of you will recognize these gifts and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Sewing Sisters are the best!

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