Saturday, November 22, 2008

In early September, I joined a Pincushion Round Robin exchange. It works like this......after groups are assigned, the hostess fills the box with pincushion(s) and/or pincushion making items. It is mailed off to the first participant on the list. She takes out anything from the box that she wants, then replaces these items with items of her choice. A diary was also enclosed to write about yourself, your selections, and anything else that you wanted to add. And on it goes. There were 12 ladies in my group and I was number 10 on the list. The box arrived yesterday and here it is! I think the best part of this whole Round Robin exchange was the anticipation of waiting on the box and wondering what would be inside. When the exchange is over, I'll find out how many miles the box traveled. (Update--the hostess tells me that the box will have traveled 13,354 miles and visit 12 states.......not bad for a box......will it get frequent mailer miles?)
Here's an overall shot of the contents. The box weighed over five pounds and had lots of goodies in it. You can't really see everything that was stuffed into this box, but you get the idea. After searching through everything, I only kept three fat quarters, some plastic feet that had the potential of becoming PC's, and some ground walnut shells, which can be used to stuff pincushions.
I added this bottle cap pincushion that I made to the box, plus a ceramic turkey that was supposed to be a tea light holder. It was just screaming (gobbling?) that it wanted to be a PC. The box was then repacked and off it went to the next lady.

If you are ever invited to join a round robin exchange, I would recommend it just for the fun of waiting for it to arrive!

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