Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Before viewing my silly crafting pictures, please take a moment to remember and honor all of our past, present, and future Veterans. We literally owe our lives to them! God Bless!

And on to my silly crafting pics.......

I made two fabric post cards this morning and they are almost ready to mail. I belong to a Fabric Post Card group that always has ongoing swaps with various topics. This one is called "Winter Windows" and I did a stained glass quilting technique to make these cards. There were three of us in this swap, so I only had to make two cards to send out. I've added a little glitter for snow in the window corners.

This shows both cards, more or less the same. You don't have to make them identical, but I find it's just easier than planning several cards. They limit the number of participants in each swap, but you could have as many as five cards to send out. Making them the same, just simplifies the process.

This is the back of the card. I just wanted you to see it before I addressed it and wrote a note. These will go through the mail like any regular post card, except they will have to be hand cancelled. Both of the other ladies in this swap live in England, so these cards will have a long trip "across the pond" and I hope they arrive in good shape. They really are very sturdy, as they have many layers of fabric and stabilizers in them. The only problem that I foresee is losing some of the snow glitter along the way.

When my exchange partners send me their cards, I'll post pictures. It's always fun to wait on the swaps to arrive!

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  1. we used to mail them in clear cellophane envelopes. the post office had us put the stamps on the outside of the cellophane envelope so they could um what is the word, um. i dunno, hand cancel, something like that.