Saturday, November 8, 2008

I had a chance to sew yesterday morning and managed to get two blocks done before I had to get out and about.

This is block #3 in the Mystery Block of the month series. I put this one together as they designed, except I changed the green fabric. The fabric that was enclosed with the instructions was a dark, solid green and I didn't like the way it stood out. By substituting this softer green print, I feel like it blends in better. This block is another 12" block.
And this is block #11 in the Thangles series. Only one block to go, then I can set them all into my table runner.
This morning, I started working on those 800+ quilt pieces that I cut out last week. I was a little afraid to chain sew all 6 wall hangings without making sure that it was all going to work out. I sewed just one hanging, from start to finish, and it actually did come out great. Of course, only the top is pieced and now I have a fair amount of hand stitching for embellishment, and finally, to quilt and bind it. And then.........only 5 more to complete! As overwhelming as that sounds to me, I may just complete them one at a time. I know it's the same amount of work ...... and it's actually more efficient to do them all at once ....... but somehow it seems easier to undertake these hangings by nipping them off, one by one.

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