Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yesterday, I headed to the Michiana Mennonite Hunger Relief Auction (check out this link for lots of details) with my friend, Joyce.  We had made and donated a quilt and drove up to see the auction.  (I had shown you the border blocks that I made in a previous post.)  The main attraction at the auction this year was the Psalms Quilt made by Carol Honderich.  I imagine many of you are familiar with Carol's online quilting classes that she has been hosting for many years.  She's created and taught The Women of the Bible, The Psalms, and The Names of Jesus.  When I say "taught", I mean that she did everything from designing the patterns (pieced, foundation, and appliqued) along with commentary and history discussing each block's inspiration.  I've "attended" all of these classes, although I have never finished one of the quilts.  Carol's web site is Patterns of Faith and you can contact her and find out details about joining one of these Yahoo group classes.  They are free, of course, and full of inspiration, regardless of whether you even touch any fabric and make any blocks.  She continues to combine her love of God with her love of quilting and reaches thousands of people all over the world.  Her quilting ministry is amazing! 
Joyce and I walked into the auction facility and Carol's quilt was the first quilt hanging on the featured wall of quilts.  I was so drawn to Carol's quilt that I didn't even notice that the second focused quilt was the one that Joyce and I had made!  We were elated!  Each year, three of four quilts are picked for this special spot and we hardly expected to see our quilt hanging next to such a wonderful quilt as Carol's!

So here's our quilt.  It's draped behind protective plastic so the colors are a little dull.  I think we were chosen for a featured quilt because our quilt was quite different from the "normal" quilts that you typically see at this auction.  Generally, they are very traditional in both pattern and fabric.  Our quilt was an original pattern made with batik fabrics.  Just different enough to be chosen, I guess.  It was very exciting and humbling. :) 

Here's our quilt on the auction block.  It did not do as well as we had hoped but $800 will feed a lot of hungry people and that's the whole point behind donating these quilts.  Overall, the quilts did not go for very high prices.  You just never know what the trend will be each year.

We are already thinking about next year's auction.  There were some very tiny wall hanging quilts (like 18" x 18") that did very well.  I love to paper piece and may make a small wall hanging for next year.  It would certainly not cost much with so little fabric.  Gotta sleep on this one ..... there's plenty of time to make a decision.  If you'd like to donate a quilt, go to the link at the beginning of this post and get the details.  You can always mail your submission if you are not close enough to attend.  Until next year......
Oh, I forgot to tell you the best part...... I got to meet Carol and thank her personally for her devotion and hard work.  It was an honor and a pleasure!

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