Monday, September 10, 2012

I managed to get my Giant Granny Panties top pieced into strips this afternoon.  The strips are not sewn together yet but I have completed all of the instructions that we have been given to this point.  I couldn't get the full quilt top in this picture.  There is another round of cream blocks on all four sides.
I've never even seen a picture of what the finished quilt looks like so I don't know if we will be inserting side setting triangles (filling in the zig zagged edges) or just trimming off the edges of the squares to make everything flush once the rows are sewn together.  Oh well..... it's on a need to know basis and I can wait for the next chapter.  Sewing the rows and adding borders is expected to be the next step.
I like the fabrics so I'm pretty sure I'll be pleased with the finished product. 
Now..... on to the Fall blog hop (see left side bar for info) that I joined.  I haven't received the date that I'll be showing my blocks yet, but it could be as early as October 1st.  Time to get moving if I expect to have anything to show!

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