Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Here's a stack of potential fabrics for the Fall blog hop.  I have many more bins of fabric that I could have pulled from, but this is already more than I'll ever use.  I'm hoping to complete at least a couple of blocks but it will all depend on how I'm feeling.  We were instructed to use fall fabrics, not Halloween fabrics, so I've tried to stay away from rats, bats, etc.  I have now been assigned my day, October 4th, so I MUST get busy!
And speaking of rats....... here's some wonderful cut outs that I found at the Dollar Tree.  They are just paper, but would make great templates to transfer to fusible web and fabric.  I also picked up the fuzzy brown spider.  Gotta love a good lookin' spider!

Yes, I love Halloween!  I love rats, bats, cats, spiders, snakes, and all the creepy things that we associate with Halloween.  I find them cute, not scary, and love all of the wonderful Halloween fabric choices that are available to quirky people like me!

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