Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One of our local quilt shops had a garage sale last week end and this is what I picked up. The Moda charm packs were $2 how could I resist!? Also got a pattern for a needle/sewing box and a Christmas panel. No plans for any of it....just adding to the stash.

And this is what I received just for entering the little Valentine hanging (a few posts down). I already have this fabric marker and it's a $12 gift, plus they added the needles. I also received a coupon for a free yard of fabric and a 50% off of anything coupon. Not bad for simply entering the challenge!


  1. Great deal! Love the charm packs... can't be that and Fig & Plum is so pretty.

  2. I missed Julie's sale. My girlfriend called though and said they had homespuns for 2.00 a yard. She got us some. I would have liked some charm packs though too.