Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Look what I won at Quilters Showcase ! It's a wonderful paper foundation pattern that is so cute!
And look at the size of some of these pieces!! 8 little bits of fabric in the size of a penny! I've been using paper foundations for a long time, but I've never worked with anything this intricate. I'm excited to see how it turns out, although it may be awhile before I begin this project. Christmas is coming very soon, you know!
And lastly, can you even guess what this is?! I was lucky enough to go to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert this weekend with my friend Joyce, and this is the BEST photo that I took. Steven is up there with his son, Caleb. Geeze......I even went into the bathroom for some light to see what was going on with my camera. It wasn't until I got home that I found that I had bumped the "secret" button that gives you the choice of photo settings for the circumstances. (Thus, the horrible pictures at the quilt auction, too.) I've never changed that setting and thought that my camera was broken. Must have been jostled and switched in my purse. Live and learn.....
Anyway, the concert was very inspiring and I would recommend going to one if you get the chance. The Chapman's have had a horrible tragedy in their lives and faith has carried them through.....and continues to carry them, day by day. I left there feeling rejuvenated, uplifted, and feeling even stronger in my faith. Go Chapman's!

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  1. Oh my! those pieces are tiny.

    Though I haven't listened in a while, I love his music. "I will be here" is one of my favorites. I need to check out his newer releases. Concerts always pick a person up but how great to be inspired spiritually as well. Glad you had a chance to go.