Friday, October 15, 2010

Here's a great tip idea that just came in my newsletter from Quilters Club of America today. A great way to have a design wall without making it a permanent fixture, plus, it would be very inexpensive. My walls are covered in pictures so there is no bare wall space. This trick would enable me to put the little clips between hanging pictures, then take it down afterwards. Thanks QCA!

Winning Member’s Tip – Portable Design Wall
This month’s winning tip comes from member Janet Arnett:
“I have an inexpensive idea for a design wall. This idea works great at retreats and classes. I purchased two 3M Command Spring Clips and a flannel-backed tablecloth. The spring clips come with mounting strips that can be reused and are easily replaced. When I go to a retreat, I try to get a seat close to a wall. I mount the spring clips on the wall when I first arrive to give them a chance to adhere while I set up my sewing space. I then clip the table cloth up on the wall and I am ready to design. When it is time to go home, usually 2-3 days later, the clips are easily removed by pulling on tabs that release them from the wall. There is no damage to the wall, therefore no worries and it does not take up space in an already crowded sewing room. A tablecloth also affords a lot of wonderful space to display your project in process. Great for getting input from everyone in the room.”

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