Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today was my monthly fellowship with some of my quilting friends. It's always wonderful to see what projects they have been working on and catch up on their lives.

Joyce brought this beautiful, hand quilted quilt that will also be donated to the Mennonite Hunger Relief Auction. She and her Sister made all of the blocks.....which, by the way, are only 6" blocks, set them in this beautiful arrangement, then sent it off to the quilter. The blocks are very complicated with lots of pieces in each of the tiny blocks. The hand quilting is just excellent with small, even stitches. The blocks represent women of the Bible so each block has a story to tell. My picture does not give you a very good perspective of the quilt and it doesn't show the binding, which was made up of the colors of the quilt blocks. Oh, and the back is a wonderful purple! I'll let you know how the auction goes......this quilt is a real beauty and I hope it goes to an appreciative home.

This next quilt (top only) was made by Fran. Again, my picture does not do it justice. She used a wide range of beautiful Batiks and the colors are just fabulous. The pineapple leaves are composed of many, many shades of green. I love the way the keyboard border blends from shade to shade to shade around the perimeter. This is one that you should see in person to really appreciate the beautiful colors.

So......another wonderful day with my dear friends! Can't wait until next month!

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  1. Sounds like a great day. Thanks for sharing the pics of the beautiful quilts.