Sunday, August 1, 2010

I picked up our charity quilt that had been off to the hand quilter for quilting. The following pictures show the front and back sides of several different sections so that you can see the patterns that the quilter used. She did not quilt this the way that I would have quilted it, but it still looks pretty good overall. Her fee was very reasonable for over 35 hours of hand quilting and she got it done in a timely manner. So here you go;

Braided quilting on the sashing and the key board border, front side.

Backside of same.

Front side of one of the pieced blocks. She hand quilted all of the pieced blocks with the same crossed X kind of pattern.

Backside of same.

Front side of one of the applique blocks. Each applique block was simply outlined around the shapes. Because the appliqued pieces were all fused, our quilter was unable to needle the appliqued pieces themselves.

Backside of same.

I'm going to work on the binding today and will, hopefully, have a full sized picture of the quilt soon. I will be glad to have this behind us and delivered to the auction in September!

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  1. Beautiful stitching. Can't wait to see the whole quilt!