Monday, August 16, 2010

Here's the first batch of blocks using the Jo-Ann fabrics. I've always loved the Log Cabin block and thought they would work out pretty well for the overall pattern that is growing in my mind. Initially, I was going to use paper foundations, then decided that it would be much quicker to just chain sew them with strips. Since these strips were going to be cut at 1", I figured it would be just as precise to cut and sew these the quickest way. After sewing, these logs are 1/2" wide. The center block is a true purple, not the blue purple that my monitor shows.

This block shows the scale of the blocks. They are 4" finished.

And the backside. If you press as you go, your seams will be nice and neat. I pressed toward each piece that I attached, to get them to all face away from the center.

And here's the finished stack of blocks. There are 27 of them and making them took the entire afternoon....about 6 hours. Had I gone with the paper foundations, I would still be working on them. Now I have tons more to make of different color combinations. They are a bit tedious to make, but I still like a good ol' Log Cabin block and the setting possibilities are endless!


  1. I love your fabrics and your blocks. I agree, the log cabin is a great block. It was the first quilt I made and playing with all the settings really fascinated me and got me hooked on quilting.

  2. Just found your blog! Love the logs! I once did 63 three inch logs for a jacket. But I paper pieced them and it took for ever. Taking off the paper was probably even worse. Can't wait to see more.