Monday, February 4, 2013

Finally...... my last Christmas gift has been completed and delivered so that I can now show it to you.  (Kathy had been warned that it would be late.....really late.)
I wanted to make something for her sewing room, a little caricature that would make her smile.  The finished measurement is 20" x 22".
Here's a close up of the embroidery.  I did it as a blue work project, using a navy cotton perle for the whole picture.
Closer yet......
And the quilting.  I only used straight lines, nothing fancy.
This is the backside.  Depending on the project, if I can, I back the fabric with the darkest color of thread that I'm using on the front.  This coloring looks light.....but this backing fabric is the same navy fabric that is on the front of the hanging.  I fuse it to the lighter front fabric after I have drawn my pattern and before I begin to stitch.  When you do this, you don't see through the front fabric and see the places where you have made knots or carried the thread.  It just keeps the project very neat and tidy looking on the front side.  It's the same principle as backing a double sided document with a dark piece of paper so that the writing on the backside does not show through on a scan. 
Hope you like my sewing lady..... she was fun to create and Kathy likes it.....that's the most important part!


  1. She's so cool! I'm just getting into this embroidery thing and think I like it. :O)

    1. Thanks, Carol! I seem to forget that I really do enjoy embroidery projects until I actually get started on one. I think I like the quiet, hand work for a change of pace.