Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My pictures are uploaded backwards.....in the wrong order, that is.

This is the baby quilt that was in an earlier post. It is all finished and I put it in the mail today. I had hoped for a sunny day to get some good pictures, but that didn't happen. We did have some sunny days, but I wasn't around at the right time to get the quilt spread out for shots.

This is the back side, an all over animal print that matches the animals on the front.

This is the front side of the quilt in the large animal area. The quilting pattern in this area is kind of a wavy grass blades pattern.

Here's one of the gold corners with a loopy quilting pattern. (Sorry about the blue thread.....these close up shots are not very forgiving!)

The stripes along the sides each have a different quilting pattern. I thought that it looked really cute to use a different pattern in each section.

Here's a corner shot with a little mix of everything.

And lastly, an overall shot of the whole quilt. As usual, I couldn't get far enough away to get the whole quilt in the picture, plus, it was a gloomy day.

I'm happy to announce that Patti's grand niece was born on December 19th and everything went well for Mama and Baby Molly. I hope Molly will have many snugly naps under her new quilt!


  1. Jeanie, I LOVE the way the quilting is different in each section! You really do lovely, lovely work!

  2. Betsy....your compliment goes out to my long arm quilter, Lisa Olinger. We only discussed HOW to do the quilting and SHE did the actual quilting. (I'd kill to have a LA, but it isn't in the budget and I don't have room for one...maybe some day?!)