Friday, April 17, 2009

Yesterday was a three-way birthday celebration! Life, is seems, always gets in the way of our time together, and my quilting friends had missed three birthdays. Getting us all together at one time can be a challenge. We decided to have all three birthdays at once and celebrate their special, although belated, birthdays. I baked the cake, which was a simple carrot cake.

Now you don't see my name on the cake, do you? Well, Lois, one of the birthday ladies got all of us, even the non-birthday ladies, special gifts too. She got me ALL of this fabric and the fabric in the next photo, plus the quilt book below.

More beautiful fabric!

This is the quilt book that Lois got for me. It has several great patterns in it.

This is the pattern that I will be making. Lois has provided all of the fabric needed to make this quilt top. I love basket quilts and she couldn't have picked out a more pleasing pattern or fabrics.

I feel so blessed and grateful for this wonderful gift....and for no reason except that Lois is an exceptional friend, full of love and generosity! Thank you, Lois, for this special gift and for your priceless gift of friendship!

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  1. The cake you baked is great! (It's obvious that I'm really behind in checking your blog.) I hope you'll put on a picture of the baby quilt once it's completed.