Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Canstruction" was at the local mall today, and my friend Jerry and I went to see the displays. The structures were made by local high school students and the components were all canned goods.

I'm not sure what this one was supposed to be, but I liked it. Kind of an exploding clam, a broken egg......whatever.

This one was pretty obvious. They had actually put some sort of light in the top of the lighthouse.

And this one was my favorite. Simple, but well done.

All of these cans of food will be donated to the local food banks. My pictures don't show much in the way of scale, but this can was probably 10' tall. Many of the structures contained over 12,000 cans of food, so this was a very worthy effort.

This is the carousel at the mall. Just thought I'd throw this picture in too. It's a really spectacular carousel, with every kind of animal from a rabbit to a dragon. Plus, it's a double decker!

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