Sunday, December 13, 2015

Unfinished Christmas gifts

Well, this rings sooooo true with me this year.  So true, in fact, that I've given up on making anything at all and have just called it quits.  Too many things got in the way of my good intentions and I'm just not going to play beat the clock to finish projects.  Hey... I'm looking at it this way.... I'll have a head start on next year!
I had to "borrow" this cartoon from's just so perfect.


  1. Love the cartoon! I'm not sewing any gifts either. I decided it was too much pressure, so now I'm just sewing fun things. No panic going on here!

  2. I have finished the only handmade gift thankfully, but I am still working on my handmade gift to myself! Just got ends to sew in thankfully! xx

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