Monday, July 13, 2015

Featherweight Update

I cleaned up my 1938 Featherweight treasure and I'm even more delighted with her!  This is an "after" picture, although it pretty much looks the same as my "before" pictures in an earlier post.  In person, however, there is a very noticeable difference in her appearance.  She just sparkles and glistens!  I cleaned her insides, applied fresh grease to her gears and fresh oil to all of her "joints."  I didn't find much wrong with her inner workings.  I found one wire casing that was fraying but left it alone.  The wiring itself was still fine, so better off left alone.  She had been over greased at some time in her life and under oiled.....both causing her to be sluggish.  After her spa day, she ran like a top.  Secretly, I think she was happy to be loved again. 
When I finished her inside work, it was time for an exterior clean up.  I just took a cotton swab with water only, to reach into her crevices to remove any dust and residue.  After I was sure she was basically clean, I waxed her from top to bottom, being extra careful when I was polishing her decal areas.  Except for a few minor scratches and that minor wear on her front decals, she looks like she just came from the factory!
Here's her beautiful scroll face plate, which required no attention at all.  A little polishing cloth and that was it.

Finally, this is her first stitching after threading her up and filling her bobbin.  I didn't even have to make any adjustments to her tension.... top or bottom.  Everyone talks about the wonderful straight stitch that Featherweights make, and it's true!  As light as she weighs... around 11 pounds..... she has a very solid, strong feel to her when you are sewing.  No shaking or walking off of your table.  She purrs, just as I had hoped!

Now that she's back in working order, I'm not sure that I'd ever take her to a quilting gathering.  I'm a bit concerned for her safety and want to keep her pristine.  But even after saying that, I know she was meant to be used!  We'll see.  For now, I'm clearing off a shelf in my sewing room for her to be admired.  I'll put some of my children's vintage sewing machines with her to keep her company.  I haven't named her yet... waiting on the right name to come to my mind. 

Now.... on to cleaning up her original case.   It won't be as beautiful as it was originally, but it will still be looking better than it does now. 


  1. She is a beauty and how special that you are able to give her a very good home and hopefully let her sew again. I have been secretly wanting a Featherweight since high school when my older sister's mother let me sew on hers. That was a very long time ago! Creative Blissful Sewing...

  2. She is so beautiful! My old machine isn't a featherweight, but she's up and running now. I need to polish her up so she's as pretty as yours is!

  3. She's just gorgeous, Jeanie. The love and TLC of a good spa day has her sparkling! Those perfect stitches show that she's more than a pretty face and ready to give you some enjoyable stitching time.