Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It was 1 degree this morning when I put my trash cans out for pickup..... the wind chill was between -10 and -15 degrees.... bitter....... and what do I see?...... my crocuses are coming up!  I guess they didn't get the memo!  We've had a very warm winter with the exception of the past 24-48 hours and the crocuses were ready to make an entrance.  This has become a somewhat normal scene with our crazy weather patterns and even though my crocuses sprout months too early, they seem to survive the winter freezes and bloom in the spring in the appropriate weather.  In any case, spring is on the way!


  1. The flowers here are ahead of 'normal' too!
    I've even had brown eyed susans blooming all winter! Which is nice to see a spot of 'summer' out in the cold of winter. :)
    If I can brave the cold, I just might go exploring the flower beds checking on my crocus this afternoon. It's nice to know that Spring shall once again return bringing her bounty of color!

    1. You know, nothing seems to be "normal" in Indiana anymore. I don't even know when my crocuses broke ground....I wasn't looking for them at all and they just happened to catch my eye this morning. If you have had brown eyed susans in bloom, I'm sure you will find some crocuses out there too. Bundle up and see what you can find!