Thursday, November 15, 2012

I spent a nice day at the library with my quilting friends today.  Since I had some extra hands, plus some open space, I had them hold up my Giant Grannie Panties Quilt Along quilt top.  It's really a lap quilt..... maybe something like 70" x 70".   The top is complete and is ready for basting and quilting.  Naturally, it will go into my "to do" pile o' stuff until I can get back to it.  At least it is together and ready for the last stages.  For me, that's pretty good.  I'm going to machine quilt this on my regular sewing machine and it will be the biggest quilt that I've attempted on my home machine.  I'll be keeping this one (I think), so I won't feel too stressed out if it doesn't turn out as I'd like.
I stopped at the grocery store after the library meeting.  I live in a large Amish area and many of the stores have special parking places for the horses and buggies.  As long as I've lived in this area, I never tire of seeing these sites.

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