Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bart is home from the hospital!

Here's a plug for the Vermont Teddy Bear Company!  I have no affiliation with them, I've only visited the factory and I've purchased several bears.

Recently, I discovered that Bart, one of my Vermont Teddy Bears had a broken leg.  I have no idea what happened, as he is just a display bear and is never played with.  (Of course, we never really know what goes on behind closed doors in the middle of the night!)  In any case, his leg was disconnected from his body and he was quite a sight.  Here's the thing about Vermont Teddy Bears...... they are guaranteed for life.  Your dog can have one of them for a snack, you can drive your car over them, the cat can chew it to smithereens, etc....... Regardless, you just ship your bear back to the Vermont Teddy Bear Hospital and your bear will be restored or replaced at no charge to you. 

Bart came home today and was still sporting his hospital ID band.  He's back in perfect shape!

Before sending Bart to the hospital, I had to fill out a cute little form disclosing any health problems,  allergies, or special requests.  And of course, I had to give my permission for surgery.  They just do everything in such a sweet way to make bear ownership (adoption) such a hoot.

They are somewhat costly for a simple, plush bear but the way they are presented is just wonderful and is half the fun of owning one.  They come in several fur colors, eye colors, and many outfits.  If you have kids or grand kids that are a bit hard on their stuffed animals, the lifetime guarantee is great.  They'll have them forever!  So..... there's my plug for the day.  And ...... welcome home, Bart!

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