Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another giveaway....... another win!  I was actually doubly lucky on this one, as the person that won this pin cushion did not claim it and I won the second time it was offered.  I guess it was meant to be mine!

This is one pin cushion, showing the front and back side.  I won this from Carol, who makes the most wonderful, bright, quirky kinds of quilts and other items.  Check out her blog to see some of her creative works.

The pin cushion is machine and hand embellished to make it pop.  Lots of french knots surround the flower.  It also has a tiny, piped edge to finish it off so neatly.  Carol stuffed it with walnut shells, which makes it feel very substantial and is supposed to be good for your needles.  (However, I think I'm going to have a hard time sticking it with pins...... it's just so cute!)

Thank you, Carol, for this wonderful little work of art!  I love it and my pins will too!

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