Saturday, March 3, 2012

I recently came across a picture of a looped pot holder on Pinterest and just had to pin it.  I used to love to make these pot holders and I remember Mom having a kitchen drawer full of them.  So anyway, I was at Joann Fabrics the other day and the kids crafts were on sale.  I saw this pot holder kit and the price on sale was around $4.00.  Not bad for a little reminiscing pleasure.

Here's the kit.  It came with the plastic loom, crochet hook, and the fabric loops.  The loops seem to be made of a hosiery type of fabric, like sliced, colored stockings.

Here it is.....warped.  I'm not sure if I can call it weft too since you don't use a continuous thread through the warped loops.  Weft may just mean crosswise and not have to be continuous.  Hmmmmm....  (Never mind if you aren't familiar with setting up a loom.)

And here's the finished pot holder.  It came out about 4 1/2" square.  (It really is square, even though it looks wonky.)  It was really fun to make this and well worth the $4.00.  The kit included enough loops to make two pot holders, but the quality of the loops varied greatly.  I was unable to use the white ones at all because they were so thin and long.  I actually made a pot holder using them and took it apart because it look pitiful. 

It was fun to make a craft I used to make decades ago in grade school.  I may have to pick up some more loops to make a few more.  It's fun being a kid again!

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