Thursday, September 15, 2011

I took a little time out this week to complete (I'm using the word complete loosely) the Project Runway challenge.  The contestants worked in teams of 5 (we were on our own) and were to design three fabrics and five outfits, one outfit from each designer on the team.  We only had to make one outfit, but were encouraged to sketch the other outfits.  I was lucky to accomplish the little that I did.

Here's my fabric.  Apparently, the contestants were only able to use grey scale, as their printer must not have had color capabilities.  I stuck with the grey scale although many of the mini designers used color in their fabrics.  It was also to depict a city theme in some way.  I chose a clip art of a city scape, reduced it several times, then cut and pasted it multiple times until I filled up the letter sized fabric sheet.  It was then just printed through my ink jet. 

Here's the completed outfit.  Simple, simple, simple, but I think that it still addresses the challenge fairly well.  You could easily make a coordinating line with slacks, a jacket, longer skirt, different tops, etc., using the same city fabric and turquoise accent color. 

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  1. I like the simple designs the best. Perfect color top to go with your fabric. I really like your fabric and the scale is just right.

    It's hard to find time for these. I've almost missed the last two. So fun, though, when I do make time :)