Sunday, May 29, 2011

It was nature day at my friend Jerry's house the other day.  This first picture is a nest of baby robins.  The nest was constructed on top of his electric meter...there are actually three in the nest.  Although it's only been a few days since this photo was taken, these little babies have already flown the nest.  Only one was out of the nest two days ago and was trying to flap its way around to strengthen its wings.  The next day, all three babies were out of the nest and apparently on their own.  They grew so fast that you could see the difference from day to day.  The mother bird was so busy, flying back and forth all day to feed them.  I'll bet she's glad to be off of the feeding duty.

Next up is a snapping turtle that my friend found trying to cross the road.....why did the turtle cross the road?  We think to lay some eggs, based on some Internet research.  He stopped to pick up the turtle, as the prospect of reaching the other side without being run over looked slim.  She will now be placed in an appropriate river area to do her thing....whatever that may be.  Is this a cute face, or what?!   Oh, and she is a huge turtle...her shell is easily 12" from front to back.

And finally, a really large iris in full glory.  The next day, we had some severe storms and it didn't fare very well.  It surely was beautiful while it lasted.

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