Saturday, January 22, 2011

I needed a little shopping therapy yesterday and took advantage of the coupons that I had received a few months ago for entering a challenge at a local quilt shop. I had been hanging on to the coupons, keeping them as something to look forward to on a dreary day. I picked up the jelly roll at half price and the yardage of batik fabric was free. The charm packs came from an online store, at 40% off, so they were a great buy. It was fun to shop, knowing that the bill would be minimal. Yippee!

And now, for the

Can you guess what this is??..... Give up?.....

Last night, I was having trouble sleeping so I went out to the kitchen for a glass of milk. The blue light from my coffee maker is bright enough that I don't turn on a light when I go on a midnight raid. With my head tipped back as I finished the last sip of milk, I saw the blue glow from the coffee maker through the bottom of the empty glass. I wondered if I could capture this glow with my camera in the darkness. It worked!

This view is the exact same picture with a flash. Still in complete darkness, but with the added flash. Interesting, huh? You just never know where and when you'll find good subject matter. Keep your eyes open for photo ops!

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  1. Sleeping troubles, ugh... how wonderful that you were rewarded with an artistic find!