Saturday, February 6, 2010

Several inches of snow arrived last night and I'm spending the day inside, enjoying the view.

I've been wandering around on the quilting sites that are frequently advertised in the quilt magazines and came upon;

They have a nice assortment of free pattern downloads and although I have way too many patterns as it is, it's still fun to add more to your possible future projects folder. When you go to the site, just click on patterns and you will find both current and retired patterns. Obviously, they are designed around their fabric lines, but you can use your own stash. I found several patterns that I thought were a little bit different and copied them for my files.

And another place you should check out is;

I've mentioned this before, but there is a huge need for charity quilts and pillowcases too. I love the pillowcases because I can make them quickly and since they require much less fabric, cheaper. The site has four pillowcase patterns for you to download.

Back to browsing.......

Oooh, I'm back. Here's another great site;

They have some great free patterns too. Don't miss the Page 2 tab at the top of the first page of patterns.

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