Thursday, July 23, 2009

There will always be a demand for people to make and donate quilts to various charities. The fabric below was sent to me from Quilts for Kids, an organization that delivers handmade quilts to sick children. Because I'm "financially challenged", they even provided the fabric for the quilt. Rules, inspirational stories, etc., may be found on their web site, There might be a local chapter in your area, and if not, your quilts will be welcomed for national distribution.

This is the quilt label that they also enclosed. When I finish the quilt, I will sign my name and sew this to the back of the quilt.

As I said, there are many, many organizations that are in need of handmade quilts. Many will accept quilts and covers that are knitted, crocheted, fleece, quilted, etc. You will just have to find out what specific guidelines your chosen charity will require.

As life would have it, I was recently on the receiving end of a donated quilt. Not me, specifically, but a dear friend. She has been in ICU for a few weeks and received a beautiful, handmade lap quilt. In ICU, even balloons are restricted, so the only color in her drab room is this beautiful quilt. Once I found out the background of the quilt, I volunteered to make quilts for the ICU unit too. The least I can do is "pay it forward" as that quilt really touched my heart during a difficult time.

I just wanted to point out the great need for quilters to make quilts for charities. Many of you reading this blog are quilters and sewists and your skills are badly needed to keep these charities loaded with quilts. The ICU unit at my local hospital has given over 700 quilts in only a year and a half and are in constant need for more. That's a lot of quilts! So if you have the time, there is a worthy charity near you that needs your help. Please contact them for details and get started on a quilt that will bring hope, cheer, and brighten the day of someone special!

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