Monday, February 9, 2009

Sorry that I've been a bit AWOL lately......too many things taking priority over my creative side. This is the February BOM. It's small this month, 6", finished. I don't think I'll include it in the final quilt, pending the rest of the blocks, because it has so few pieces. It just seems out of place. I have had a chance to work on more paper pieced blocks and have finished 20 of them. Now I'm ready to start on the center block, which will be huge compared to the will be 7", finished.

On Saturday, I started a really simple quilt that uses only variations of pinwheel patterns. It takes less than one yard each of three fabrics (for twelve blocks) and is pretty mindless to construct. Only one block has been cut out and I'll try and get it sewn together ASAP. Besides, I need something to post while I'm working on the paper piecing so that you know I'm still alive!

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