Saturday, February 27, 2010

What appears to be a tangled mess of floss is actually all sorted and ready to least that's my hope. I was able to distinguish between the different colors without any problem, but when it came to what name and symbol went with what color, it was any one's guess.

Who are they kidding??!! Here's a short list of some of the colors......Pale Brown, Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Light Rust, Rust, Dark Rust, Darkest Rust, Pale Beige, Light Beige.....
Yikes! And just within the brown family. The greens and yellows were just as confusing. Well, I did the best that I could and with any luck, the project will look like the picture on the package!

Hopefully, this will be a finished project and these threads will all go together to make a nice picture and a great gift. To be continued.........


  1. All those colors! Can't wait to see what you are going with them.

  2. Hi Jeanie, thank you for coming by and participating in the giveaway. Your pink and green quilt turned out great and I know what you mean on cost to get it quilted. That's why I usually stay with table toppers and baby quilts.
    Keep Stitchen'