Friday, April 30, 2010

Everyone seems to be posting their spring garden and flower pictures, so I'm adding some of mine too. This is the rhubarb that I planted last spring as tiny, little plants. They did really well last year and came up long before any other plants this spring. If I was away for most of the day, I could actually see their growth during those hours.....I kid you not!

Here's a longer shot of the rhubarb bed. All of the plants came back with gusto. I'm still going to resist harvesting many stalks from them so that their root core can continue to thrive without strain.

And lastly, here's my little tomato plant, already caged in anticipation of some HUGE growth. I only planted two of these Big Beef tomato plants, which should be tons for my personal use.

I bought last years' rhubarb starts and these tomato plants at one of the local Amish markets. I wish I had taken my camera with me to show you the array of flowers and plants, all bright, fresh, and healthy. I don't know where they get their plants, but they are always first rate and priced less than other places. The Amish community is very close to me so I'll have to remember to take my camera along for the ride too.

Happy Gardening!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I joined a gym today! A free membership with Silver Sneakers, an old folks perk from my insurance company. I have such a problem with dizziness that walking outside isn't exactly a pleasant way to exercise (it can be down right dangerous) and I don't have the money or room for any inside exercise equipment.
I'm not expecting any quick changes, as it took me many years to get so unhealthy and out of shape, but I hope to stick with it and little by little, regain some endurance. It's never too late, right!?

And another perk for joining........I dug out my tennis shoes, (which had been hibernating in the closet for a couple of years now) and found a hidden cat toy in the toe of one of the shoes. Oliver has been reunited with his green fuzz ball and is also getting some exercise as he chases his "new" toy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

As part of a little blogging game sent to me by Kathleen, I was asked to re-post the 6th picture that I posted when I started my blog. I'm supposed to give you an update on the picture and what's happened since. (I wish it would have been another picture with better story and a happy ending!)

Well, this was part of a block of the month quilt and I have to admit that I've done NOTHING with it or it's fellow blocks! There were a few blocks that I didn't like that much and kind of put it in the company of my other unfinished projects. Seeing this picture again has sort of sparked an interest in retrieving it and see about setting the blocks in a table cover.

I would like to add that keeping a blog has been a great way to have accountability for my crafting. I feel like I should finish as many projects as possible in order to keep my readers interested. I've really enjoyed blogging and plan to continue, even if I don't finish a project. Gee, we can all relate to that problem!
Thanks, Kathleen, for sending me down memory lane and reminding me to finish what I start!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do your part to preserve
our precious planet!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April BOM. I changed this one too and made the arrows double pointed. The instructions called for an additional plaid fabric at the end of the arrows which meant that your eye couldn't decide where to look. These fabrics are pretty soft so much of the contrast is lost but I still think it's a pretty block.
If you look closely, you'll see that my arrow corners are somewhat lost in the seam allowances. I'm not sure what happened except that the pattern called for 16th's in cutting, so you have to eyeball those measurements since they aren't on the rotary cutting rulers. (.....or maybe it was just poor construction......I'd rather blame it on the rulers!)

I'm still working on spring clean up in my little yard and just haven't had much time for sewing and crafting. Little by little, I've trimmed the bushes, chopped off the ornamental grasses, raked, weeded, edged, and of course, mowed (twice already). The weeds are a constant battle and I think I can sometimes hear them chuckling at me, knowing that no matter how much weeding I do, they will return in a day or two. Oh, how I miss the seclusion of winter and the refreshing chore of shoveling! .......sigh.........

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not much to blog about seems to be getting in the way of crafting.

Thought I'd show you the chocolate fabrics that I've been collecting for a couple of years. Yesterday, I had lunch with some dear friends and we ended up at a quilt shop (naturally!) where I found two more fabrics to add. I bought the bottom two fabrics on the right. I thought the fabric with the writing on it would make a good sashing or maybe some cornerstones. I don't have a plan for these fabrics yet, no specific pattern in mind.....I just like them. Ebay has a bunch of chocolate fabrics right now that I don't have yet, but the money is sparse. Each of these fabrics below is a yard, so I already have enough for a good sized top or several smaller projects. Gotta quit collecting them at some point and make something out of them! (Not!)

I've been trying to get my yard mowed most of the afternoon and the rain slips in and out long enough that I can't get it done. After the rains, I'll need a machete to make the first cut! My neighbors took down their Christmas lights yesterday so I know that it's officially spring and time to get the yard cleaned up!

Sunday, April 4, 2010