Friday, February 26, 2010

My Pink/Green/White swap exchange blocks are now set into a quilt, ready for quilting. This picture is not very good as I don't have any place large enough to spread it out and then be able to get far enough away for a good shot. Use your imagination.....

I used 15 blocks, leaving 3 for a table runner, and set them 3 blocks x 5 blocks. It measures 52" x 84", which is a long, narrow quilt, not a standard size.

This quilt will fit the antique "handyman's" bed that is in my den. It's much smaller (narrower) than a twin mattress, but just as long, so these measurements will be just right for a nice drop, all the way around.

I'm not thrilled with the fabric that I used for the outside sashing. It's a little too dark and too olive to blend as nicely as I would like. I had used it in the swap blocks that I made, not knowing what shades would be used by the other swappers. As one block, it will blend just fine, as a border, it's not quite what I wanted. However, all of the fabric used in this quilt (including the block fabrics that I sent out) came from my stash, and therefore, was "free." OK.....I had to buy this fabric at some point, but for this particular project, I didn't have to buy any extra fabric.
It now goes into my Bermuda Triangle of unfinished projects, as I'm not happy or comfortable with my own machine quilting and can't afford to have it sent out. This would be a good quilt to experiment on since it will be for my own use and not given away. We'll see....
I'm really happy with the swap blocks that I received and would join another "no sew" swap in a heartbeat! Thanks to everyone that participated. :)

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  1. Jeanie, I was looking at your quilt and thinking how much I liked the borders and the cornerstones. It looks great.